Warm Breakfast on a Cold Snowy Morning {recipe}

At 5:30 this morning, I got a robo-call from Ezekiel's school saying it was cancelled today due to snow. I usually get up at 5:45 to read my Bible so I reluctantly drug myself out of my warm cozy bed and headed downstairs a few minutes early to turn on my espresso machine for my morning cappuccino {aka heaven in a cup}.

{i walked to the car to grab laith's transformer & it was so deep, the snow was higher than my boots!}

It was a few {peacefully quiet} hours before the kids woke up and I thought they needed a warm {and quick for me to make} breakfast treat to wake up to.

So I grabbed a tube of crescent rolls out of the fridge. We almost always have some on hand because they boys like to roll them up and they only take 11 minutes to bake...almost instant gratification!

{i just made a little butter, sugar, & cinnamon spread for the inside}

{of course i had to try one before they woke up}

{i tried to get them to open the storm door and go out in their bare feet. they looked at me like i was crazy.}

Oh and like their mismatched pj's? Once they started putting them on themselves, wearing coordinating pajamas went out the window. Ah well, not one I ever feel like fighting.

{anton, ever the host}

{that is some serious bed head}

{laith wanted to help make a second batch}

A few hours later...
{Ezekiel's Snowman}

{ezekiel: "mommy! lets take a picture."}
{anton: "help me! i'm dying on the cross." ummmm....ok jesus}

{laith: "moooommm! help me. i can't get up mom."} 

{tired girl was super grumpy...unfortunately we weren't at the park long}
{of course she fell asleep as we walked home from the park}