The Thankful Tree {tutorial}

A few days ago, Ezekiel brought home a project he was to work on at home. They were asked to decorate a page with photographs, etc showing the Thanksgiving traditions in our family.

Hmmmm....this is the 1st Thanksgiving we've had together, so how on earth were we going to do this project?!

I have several blogs I'm in love with but one just posted about Thankfulness and gave me this idea {thank you jones design company}.

Today while Laith was napping, Anton & Ezekiel worked on it. What a perfect 1st tradition.

{click here for the free printable}

{i'm actually shocked how well anton did. they were all pretty straight & centered!}

{a big branch in our yard fell during the big snow a few weeks ago...perfect for our "tree"!}

{the boys of course loved being involved in cutting it the rest of the way down}

{ezekiel loved this picture so much, he asked me to print it out.  he hugged it saying, "oh mommy with all my heart"}

{we went rock hunting in the neighborhood & got a bunch of great ones to weigh down the glass base}

{couldn't help but putting this in...she's too stinkin' cute}

{seriously child. walk already! you're SO close}

{the 1st thing ezekiel wrote was being thankful for food. that makes me sad}

{anton on the other hand, said he's thankful for monster trucks. it's all about monster trucks these days}

{so many uses for this jute. glad i now have it on hand!}

{final touches}

{isn't he handsome?}

{i told them they could write 1 a day until thanksgiving. but ezekiel wanted to do 3 today}

{the other thing he wrote was "family"}

{that's supposed to read monster truck, anton}

Now Ezekiel just needs to decide which of these pics he'll include in his project, and what he's going to write about our 1st Annual Thankful Tree.

It'll be fun to keep the tags and see what were were thankful for this year and going forward. Curious to see how it changes.


debi said...

Traditions are so special. Loved how you embraced this and yes, he is handsome and she is stinkin' cute. So love the way Anton and Laith have embraced their new (not so new now) family. Ya'll just continue to fill my heart with how our God works through those who truly serve Him. Love ya'll.

Siiri said...

T, this is so great. Totally using this idea....but I might morph it a bit since I don't have any kiddos around. :) Love and miss you. -S