First Snow!

Technically this is the 2nd snow because we did get a little dusting about two weeks ago...but it wasn't much and after the boys woke up around 6am to play in it, it had melted by mid-afternoon.

This however, was a big FUN snowday! Fall break made it even more fun, because they knew they had all week to get their fill.

Ezekiel did really well for never experiencing this kind of cold. When we brought him home, I handed him a glass of water with ice in it. He freaked out, thinking his hands were hurt...he'd never felt cold like that before. He's come a long way since then & did great with this chilly weather!

I had warned them not to eat dirty looking or yellow snow {haha}...Ezekiel ran up to me at one point saying he found yellow snow "but don't worry Mommy, I didn't eat it."