Ezekiel's Teeth!

What an exciting and big day today is! Ezekiel and Ben left for the hospital about 6:30am for E's Oral Surgery! Six years of not owning a toothbrush has obviously left some damage on our sweet boy's teeth. He gets extreme headaches {possibly migraines} sometimes and has massive tooth aches because some are broken and the nerves are exposed.

But today that all changes!!! Yay Ezekiel for being such a brave kid! He was THRILLED when he found out about the appointment. We have had a daily count-down for about two weeks. And today is the day.

At dinner last night, we told him to EAT UP since he wasn't allowed to eat breakfast. He ate so much we thought he'd throw up.

- 2 big bowls of chili {with tons of crackers in it}
- oven baked potatoes
- 1 orange
- 1 banana
- a bunch of grapes
- cup of milk

There was more, I think. Ben and I were looking at each other like, "Where on earth is he putting all this food?!"

Ben brought our old iPhone with so he would be distracted while they waited. Ben told me, "He just wants to play his soccer game. Everything else is an annoyance to him. Not nervous at all." 

What a brave kid.

Ezekiel, we can't wait 'till you're out of surgery and have no more tooth pain! We love you!


Jenn said...

Yay for such a brave big boy! So glad he is here and getting the medical/dental attention that all kids deserve! Love watching this journey your family is on, and really, wish we lived closer!! <3

Grandpa Swanstrom said...

What a trooper!