Humbled By Lincoln Logs

A few weeks ago, the kids and I ran around the neighborhood to a couple garage sales. Not that we needed anything, it was just a beautifully crisp yet sunny morning and I thought it'd be fun.

{photo taken by little Laith. I promised him I'd include it}

As we walked up the sidewalk and through one beautifully manicured lawn {& clean garage...jealous}, a beautiful girl {ok, woman...but that just makes us sound old} greeted me and asked if I was "that mom with the beautiful blog." Doubting she actually meant MY blog, I said "no. I don't think so." She assured me that I was the right person, and that she recognized my children from all the photos I post.

Whaaaaat???? I have only lived in Denver for a few months, so going anywhere and seeing someone I know is a complete delight and surprise, let a lone this girl telling me she reads my blog! Turns out I know her neighbor and by the end of the conversation, I want to be friends with her {hi courtney}.

We did leave her home with several goodies {and thanks anne for imani's tap shoes!}, one of them being lincoln logs. I remember learning in one of my Design Classes in college that John Lloyd Wright {son of one of America's most famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright} created them. 
Always thought that was cool.

During quiet time, Anton & I had such fun using our imaginations and creativity as we put together his new toy...ok, perhaps this is the new "green" recycled version of lincoln logs, but never the less, they are fantastic.

Later in the day I was playing around on my blog and for the 1st time ever, looked at my stats. My blog shows that I have 26 followers & I figured perhaps a few more read my blog without officially following it. But I was COMPLETELY shocked when I saw that consistently over 700 individual people visit us per month. 

Who are you people? I'm so glad you're here! 

{mud fiiiiiiight!}

Armed with that knowledge, I began to pray where the Lord wanted me to go with my little page. Not long after, one of my favorite blogs {Jones Design Company} announced they were opening up a Blog Class. Wow. Confirmation? Ben sure thought so!

I have since spent countless hours on my new blog, which will be released soon. I'm thinking probably the beginning of July. I have learned code, design, and what rss, plugins, and feedburner are. And what on earth Search Engine Optimization means.

And CATEGORIES! I've had so many people tell me they can't find things in past posts.

Though we'll still be Hugs & Punches, I'll have a different address.

Bear with us as I try and figure all this stuff out. I've been getting up at 5am every morning to work on it after doing my Devotions. My brain is fried. But I'm so excited!!!

Stay Tuned for the big reveal!

{take joy}


Lissy said...

Yay! Can't wait to see what you do witn your new one! I came on here this morning cause and was going to look through your past posts... did you have a chore chart idea?? Love you!

The Anderson Family said...

Hey Lis! I do actually....don't think I ever finished the post though. I'll work on that soon and post it!

Me said...
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Katie said...

Hi Teresa! This is your (Ben's) cousin Katie (in Dallas). Since you were wondering who all is following you, one of them is me. :) You may be able to tell that already, but not sure. I love keeping up with you guys this way even when we are far apart. Love to you and your beautiful family, and so glad I hear we will get to see you in August in San Diego. Love - Katie

Blair Gurick said...

love this so sweet and your pictures are stunning,,,xoxo
love blair