Heart Bird Feeder {tutorial}

Ben & Ezekiel were gone this afternoon at a jiu-jitsu tournament, where Ben was competing. So the rest of us decided to do some Valentines Day art projects. 

Anton's sweet buddy Corbin did this project a few days ago so that's where we got the idea 
{love you Ginna}...anything that Corbin does Anton wants to do, too. 

. supply list .

. cheerios
. thin wire
. ribbon {to hang on a branch}

Needle nose pliers may also come in handy when twisting wire together 
once the cheerios have been strung.

This is a terrible photo but here's what the hearts looked like before the kids strung the cheerios on them. The shape does NOT have to be perfect, the cereal hides the flaws.

  Imani was initially just eating the cheerios but when she saw 
Anton & Laith get into it, she wanted to join in

Look at all those teeth! Her molars all came in a few days ago. Pretty girl.

If Laith wasn't so busy finding & eating all the broken cheerios, 
this project probably would have taken a quick 10 minutes. 

He drew it out to be at least 30 or 40. That kid is so all over the place, it cracks me up. 

Anton was determined to get me into a photo. So under his instruction, I was required
to include this {super awesome} picture of myself that he took. 

Loving it. Hope the birds do, too!