EASY Pumpkin Muffins & Pajama Party {recipe}

Last night we decided to have an impromptu Pajama Party since Ben was at a jiu jitsu seminar
and our friends Amy & Caroline came over. 

We had pizza, watched the old school Robin Hood, and Anton wanted to whip these up real quick for our dessert.


This may just be the simplest recipe ever.

All you need are these three ingredients:
. yellow cake mix
. pumpkin puree
. cinnamon 

That's it! 
Don't follow the recipe on the back of the cake box. 
No eggs, etc. I know, strange right?? But they're amazing. Truly.

Do you have one of these can openers? 
They're fantastic because it cuts the can so there are no sharp edges so the kids can use it 

Sweet Anton. Always my soux chef. Soux baker? Whatever, you know what I mean.
This kid loves to cook.

Into the oven they go!
350 degrees
20-25 minutes

Imani & Thatcher are always at our feet watching. Can't wait 'till she can help

Don't you wish you were here to eat one? 
My favorite way is when they're still warm with just a tiny bit of butter melting on top. Pure heaven.

So here's what the boys put together for our movie time snacks 
{anton added the goldfish on top of the popcorn...hey, why not?}
ummmm...and perhaps the moms had a little vino. 

We had a great night...there were tears when the movie was over & Caroline had to go home. 
We'll have to do it again soon! What a perfect lazy Friday night at home.